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About Farlight 84

Farlight 84, a mega-intense Battle Royale!

Smash it all down!

Smash with armored vehicles - Blow‘ em Up!

Our armored vehicles will blow your enemies away! Rule this battlefield with bullets, extreme firepower, and lightening speed! Smash them all!

Smash with innovative weapons - Free Your Energy

Various weapons from four manufacturers, each with different styles! All equipped with unique skills, these bad boys will never fail you in combat!

Smash with jetpacks - Fly and Dash

Jetpacks bring you a fantastic and never-before-seen shooting experience! Propel forward or upward in the thick of battle and dodge projectiles in style!

Smash with Unique Characters - Be Who You Want to Be!

Introducing friends with distinctive personalities and looks! Rally your team and win!

About Farlight 84 Diamonds

Diamonds are the primary in-game currency used to purchase a variety of items, cosmetics, and upgrades. These diamonds allow players to customize their characters, unlock new weapons and equipment, and enhance their overall gaming experience. Earning diamonds can be a game-changer, as they provide players with a competitive edge and access to exclusive content.

How to top up Farlight 84 Diamonds?

  1. Select the Diamonds denomination.
  2. Enter your User ID.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment is made, the Farlight 84 Diamonds you purchased will be credited to your account shortly.

How to find Farlight 84 User ID?

  1. Use your account to login the game.
  2. On the top left tap Portrait.
  3. Your Player ID will be displayed.

how to buy Farlight 84

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Boyd Upton

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Really great app performance, will definitely use again! 👎

Edmund Senger

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Such an great service, especially the response time.

Edith Brown

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Always a fantastic experience with their experience. Highly recommend!

Mrs. Suzanne Goyette

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Always a great experience with their customer service. Highly recommend!

Audrey Mosciski

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Really fantastic response time, will definitely use again!

Jeanne Feest

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Had a amazing with my last response time. Could be better.

Clifford Langworth

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Had a disappointing with my last transaction. Could be better.

Willard Heaney

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Not the best wonderful. app performance and needs work.

Rose Bednar

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Always a excellent experience with their experience. Highly recommend!

Marco Kreiger

2024-02-04 17:18:57

Always a superb experience with their experience. Highly recommend!

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