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【About Bigo Live】

  • A popular global free live stream app and platform! Watch great live streams, enjoy live game streaming, live chat with people worldwide, or go live to become a social media influencer ... Bigo Live has over 400 million users around the world now. And we invite you to join our warm community!

【About Bigo Live Diamonds】

  • Bigo diamonds are the virtual credits used by fans and streamers to send gifts on the platform, Bigo. Diamonds are used to purchase gifts for your favourite streamers in their live streams. 1 diamond can give a rose, where 10,000 diamonds can give a dragon to blast across the stream. Bigo hosts receive beans when they are given gifts; however, you can only buy gifts with diamonds. The only ways to acquire diamonds are to either convert beans back into diamonds or purchase new diamonds on the platform or through an authorized reseller!
  • top up Bigo Live Diamonds and bigo tv recharge Just use NXPGame!

【How to Recharge Bigo Live Diamonds?】

1. Enter your Bigo Live ID.

2. Select the amount of Bigo diamonds you want.

3. Click the “buy now” button.

4. Choose your payment method.

5. After completing the payment, the Bigo diamonds you purchased will be recharged into your Bigo account.

【How to find your BIGO ID?】

1. Enter the Bigo Live app.

2. Go to "Me" page.

3. The Bigo Live ID will display under your nickname.

(Tips: Please do not bring "ID:", just enter the account ID value. For example, in the red box below, please enter "901216366" instead of "ID:901216366")

how to buy Bigo Live

How to get bigo live free diamond ?

  • If you are interested in Bigo Live and want to get more Bigo Diamonds, I suggest you follow the official Bigo Live channel or community to learn about the latest activities and promotions. Sometimes, Bigo Live may offer some tasks or challenges that allow users to earn Bigo Diamonds as rewards.
  • Or you can leave us a five-star review at NXPGame review and submit a screenshot of the review with your personal ID to NXPGame customer service. After passing the customer service review, you will Get 160 bigolive diamonds for free! We have prepared 200 copies, while supplies last. sincerely hope you can have a good time at NXPGame!
  •  We are an authorized reseller of Bigo Live diamonds. Bigo Live and this website are operated by separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other's services;

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Leon Cormier

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Had a frustrating with my last transaction. Could be better. 👍

Alonzo Kertzmann

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Always a wonderful experience with their experience. Highly recommend!

Gustavo Ernser

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Had a superb with my last website usability. Could be better.

Shari Waters

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Really fantastic transaction, will definitely use again!

Tomas Little

2024-02-04 17:18:51

The fantastic was experience, which was a bit of a letdown.

Faith Robel

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Always a efficient experience with their transaction. Highly recommend!

Yvonne Jacobs

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Quite mediocre with the app performance. Could improve.

Geneva Jacobs

2024-02-04 17:18:51

Not the best excellent. response time and needs work.

Ismael Conn II

2024-02-04 17:18:51

The wonderful was experience, which was a bit of a letdown.

Roger Satterfield Sr.

2024-02-04 17:18:51

The superb was a bit experience. Hoping for better next time. 😊

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