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how to top up Alchemy Stars 1565 Lumocrystal

1565 Lumocrystal

USD 2.00

USD 2.00



USD 2.00

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About Alchemy Stars

A revolutionary line strategy RPG that pushes the genre to new heights!

Magnificent Stories Full of Fantasy and Adventure

Discover a riveting world brimming with magic and technology.

The light of the Aurora streaks across the stratosphere... Follow its radiant glow to the limits of the skies above and beyond the outer stretches of the universe. Our journey begins now!

Astra, where the Aurorians and Caelestites have lived since the beginning of time.

The hundred years of peace has been disrupted with the sudden appearance and invasion by dark creatures known as Eclipsites, controlled by a mysterious organization from the shadows.

The Caelestites have all but perished at the hands of the Eclipsites... As the sole survivor, you endure countless hardships and began a long and tortuous life of exile, deep underground.

17 years later, by chance, you were discovered by an Aurorian who brought you back up to the surface, where the light shines brightly...

An irreversible reality... your newfound bonds with Aurorians... responsibilities that are all yours to shoulder. Command the Colossus, a relic from your ancient civilization, and soar through the sacred cities and harsh deserts. Find the Light alongside your loyal band of allies and friends, all with their own distinct personalities. The time has come to lead the Light and create your own story, and become the shining hope for the future of the world.

How to top up Alchemy Stars Lumocrystals?

  1. Select the Lumocrystals denomination.
  2. Enter your Alchemy Stars ID.
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, your purchased will be credited to your account shortly.

How to find Alchemy Stars ID?

  1. Please login to your account in the Alchemy Stars App.
  2. The Alchemy Stars ID will be displayed under your nickname in the Bottom left corner.

how to buy Alchemy Stars

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Marcia Paucek

2024-02-04 17:18:55

The reliable was a bit transaction. Hoping for better next time.

Jeanette Halvorson

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Had a efficient with my last transaction. Could be better.

Mr. Amos Smith

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Absolutely fantastic! This is my go-to site for game recharges.

Hector Brakus

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Absolutely excellent! This is my go-to site for game recharges.

Mr. Pete Runte

2024-02-04 17:18:55

great and customer service service. Keep it up! 👍

Wayne Walter

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Not the best amazing. transaction and needs work.

Sadie Ebert

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Quite superb with the experience. Could improve.

Mr. Alex Abshire

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Not the best excellent. transaction and needs work.

Byron Fay

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Absolutely reliable! This is my go-to site for game recharges.

Elmer Murray

2024-02-04 17:18:55

Such an wonderful service, especially the website usability.

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