How Gaming has changed over time

Gaming has evolved drastically since the appearance of the first gaming machine and game. We all remember playing Donkey Kong, Super Mario or Space Invaders but the new generations don’t know anything about these oldies. Technology is so advanced now that literally, one generation doesn’t use the same technology as the one before it. This is why it’s important to keep the good old ways of programing games. At least the concept of a focusing on a good story and content instead of graphic.

How it used to be.

Games before the year 2000 didn’t look that great visually. In fact, some of the old games on PC or PlayStation looked pretty awful. But they all had a great storyline, interesting characters and exquisite content in general.

So game developing companies were focusing on the important things back then just because they didn’t have the technology to make them look as realistic as games look now.For example, look at Metal Gear Solid, it has an amazing story and a very good game content with huge attention to details, and the graphics are, although not that bad for that period, are poor by today’s standards.


Games Nowadays.

Now there aren’t many games that will get the full attention of gamers. Instead of the storyline, game developing companies are focusing on making the game look visually stunning. This is probably why all modern games don’t make too much sense to old school gamers.It seems that the whole purpose of some of the new games is to shoot things around you as you go towards your primary objective that is as absurd as the random shooting as well.

Whenever a gaming company creates something new, like a new system for targeting, item selection, or any other innovative invention in gaming others try to copy it and implement it in their game. Remember the cross for Call of Duty that shows when you place a hit? That little thing is in every other modern game.

What should we hope for?

There are still some games that are pretty awesome, although the majority of new game titles are pretty much mediocre. Outlast, for example, is one of the better game titles that was released recently. And the new upcoming sequel is proving to be quite promising. To cut a long story short, game developers should look back to the old ways of creating games instead of just creating better graphics.

For me, it’s more important how the game is progressing story wise, than how graphics improve. But let’s be clear here, I have nothing against a great and realistically looking game, although I prefer a good story line above it.

To conclude, the best thing big game developers should do is put a bit more work on the content and story line. That’s all we ask. Making something look good only so that people buy the game is kind of pathetic. Gamers are glad to pay for something that is worth their money, but not on some mediocre crap that will be playable for an hour or so.

Teo Jameson

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