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The history of video games is not a very long one, but even in the relatively short period since they appeared, games have managed to take over the world, and nowadays – gaming is present on every corner of the globe. Even in very remote areas, where electricity has just recently made its appearance, consoles with video games are being brought by researchers, and the “games can start”. Urban areas are under a strong spell from video games, and millions of people are playing a game even as you read this article. It is hard to describe the popularity and the scope of modern gaming, but the fact that the industry is worth well over $100 is a clear indication of the size of the gaming army.

   However, some people claim that playing video games is not good for us and that long hours of staring at the screen and not going outside are bad for our health. They also claim that games are encouraging and developing aggressive and even violent behavior, and that children who are playing a lot of video games are losing contacts with friends and that they are becoming anti-social. Numerous other “problems” are being presented, but the facts and scientific research are saying something completely different.

As a matter of fact, reliable scientific institutions and health centers have performed detailed analysis and studies of the effects of gaming, and these results are showing something that may be surprising to some. For example, studies are showing that video games are improving our vision and hand-eye coordination since games require us to be alert and on the move at all times. Fast moving images and constant changes are training our body to react in a more rapid way, and this helps our mobility and speed of reactions. Also, players are required to make quick decisions, which can help with the decision-making process and make people surer of themselves.

Other benefits of gaming include the fact that games boost memory, and that gaming can improve our attention span and our perception. Also, social aspects of gaming are not to be ignored, because modern games are usually played in multiplayer mode or in cooperation with friends or family, which helps with the bonding and creates more meaningful relationships. Since we interact with our loved ones, our stress levels will be going down, and it is proven that video games are reducing pain after surgery or some health problem. The reason for this may be in the fact that we simply forget about the outside world while we battle our way through hundreds of enemies or while we are solving a complicated puzzle.

Our young ones also experience the benefits of gaming, and they are often fascinated with history once they learn about certain concepts while playing video games. This fascination can help them in school, and video games are known to enhance learning and to help kids understand things in a better way. Also, they may become interested in playing sports outdoors, once they beat their friends in a game of virtual basketball or baseball.

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