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What are the Best Video Games of All Time?

Games these days are competing for the best graphics and the most mind-blowing effects. Some gamers are dismayed by ploys like this since it does not necessarily create a great game. This is the reason why some avid gamers are looking back to the past to play their games they loved when they were young. Many gamers have grown to be avid players and even turned into experts.

A prominent magazine put up over 150 nominees to see which of the games have made it to the top games of all time. Here are their picks.


Many gamers will agree that this is the best game of all time. There have been revisions and variations from this game. And these variations are just proof that the game will always remain popular, no matter what kind of shape or form it takes.

Developed by a Russian computer scientist and distributed by a Japanese company, this game was a massive hit with most gamers, be they compulsive or casual all over the world. It has been a world phenomenon since it arrived in the year 1984. In the year 1989, Nintendo put the legendary game into Game Boy and NES game consoles; which helped establish Nintendo as a leading brand. It’s been made available on almost every platform since then, which only proves how people have this penchant for stacking up blocks. Unlike other games these days that are reputed to be dangerous when a player gets addicted, this one has modest health advantages, too, such as PTSD prevention.

Super Mario 64

Even the non-avid gamers are familiar with who Mario is. The character is famous for brick-breaking and Goomba-stomping movements which has mesmerized the gaming world. But in the year 1996 when Super Mario 64 was introduced, it turned Nintendo fans onto the universe of Mario since it did not have the kind of gameplay like many other games had. It made gamers think about how to play the new concept of 3D worlds. This game has sold more than 11 million copies all over the world, thus turning it into one of the bestselling games on the console Nintendo 64.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This is another name that has made it into the list of the best games of all time. The 3D version of Hyrule, was the reason why this game is very popular even up to the present day, no matter how ‘lame’ the graphics look today. The approach of this game lets the players explore the 3D world through a sublime and consummate way. It is also another reason why many players take the time to play this game and absorb it into their system.

These are just some of the best games of all time, which also proves that mind-blowing effects and eye-opening graphics are not the key factors to make the game amazing.

Games & History All In One

History itself is rich with events that make for interesting reading. Many myriads of wars (from medieval battles to modern wars) and tragedies (the Titanic, American colonization, etc.) have actually been turned into games. However, there are a few interesting occurrences in history that have escaped the notice of game developers and script writers. To be more specific, we’re talking about unsolved mysteries.

Such mysteries are the stuff of conspiracy theories, and talked about in cheap tabloids, paranormal themed websites, and free chat rooms. Here are some of the unexplained mysteries we feel deserve a game of their own.

Jack the Ripper.

In Victorian England, a killer stalked the streets of London preying on hapless women. The murders were connected by two factors: the victims were “women of the streets”, otherwise known as prostitutes, and the killings were carried out in a surgical fashion. The nascent Scotland Yard suspected the killer was someone trained in the medical profession, perhaps a doctor or a student of medicine.

What we have here is ripe for a detective mystery. The player can either be a member of the police force, a private investigator, or perhaps a relative or lover of one of the victims. Similar to today’s NCIS and CSI themed games, the player can collect evidence, follow the trail of suspects, and hopefully prevent another murder from happening.

It would make for a great ending if the player was able to stop Jack the Ripper at the cost of his own life, which is why the case remains a mystery. Or even better, it turns out the player has a split personality and actually committed those murders himself.


The Bermunda Triangle

This mystery is just asking for a game. Hollywood has used it to portray ghostly events, alien abductions, and even hidden wormholes depositing travelers in another time and dimension. So why not game publishers?

The player can either be a passenger or a cruise ship or passenger jet. To make the game interesting, the cause of the ship’s crash or sinking shouldn’t be revealed until at least halfway through the game, at which point it becomes a fight for survival.

The first part sees the player deposited on an island, trying to piece together what happened while avoiding wild animals and/or hostile characters (such as fellow passengers and mysterious strangers). Only in the latter half will the player discover what actually happened and face those behind the crash or sinking.

Whatever happens, please: no rehashed ideas from Lost.


In 1997, underwater seismographs and listening devices designed to track submarines detected an unexplainable noise. It was essentially a massive “Bloop!”, and by massive we mean it was picked up by scientists across 3,000 kilometers of the seafloor. They all agreed it was animal in origin.

Whether it’s Cthulhu or Atlantis, the player must dive in a submarine as part of an underwater survey to find out. We’ll leave the rest of the plotline to you.

Education through games is real

Of course games can’t be the only tool of education, but it can be a great way to make the studying process more exciting. The old ways of studying and motivating students doesn’t work anymore, for instance when teacher tries to motivate students by reminding them about a test next week, or repeating that this information is crucial for final exams.

By introducing games to the education process, it is possible to make studying more competitive between students, between student and a teacher, which can become a great motivation. Another advantage of using games in education is that it makes students think outside the box, because it is not a traditional way of studying. Students need to get used to a new situation, which means reconstructing their way of thinking.

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Of course students need to be rewarded, if the studying process is through games, for every game we play we have some reward system, which can be translated into marks or extra points on tests in traditional education.

How is it that we still don’t use games in education as much as we could? It is because most of the teachers are used to a traditional educational system, which for them makes the teaching process a bit easier. If they choose to teach by playing games, it means that they first need to know how to play a game themselves.

At some point comes a moment when a game has been played so many times that each student knows it too well, then the teacher has to change the rules of a game in order to keep the students’ attention. It means that the teacher must be more creative when using games.

This is one of the main reasons why games, which had been tried in schools almost never, stay in educational system permanently.

Many of the games we use have a very long history. Games that have survived over the years tend to have characteristics that fit well with the needs and interests of children and adults. A long time before computers started to be used for playing, many games already had addictive like qualities for some game players.

The computer era added new dimension to games and provided more opportunities for a person to develop an addictive like dependency on games. But at the same time the computer era gives a possibility to create games that have considerable educational value.

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Attention grabbing and holding characteristics of many of the computer-based games are a challenge to a traditional, formal educational system. Such games provide an opportunity for changes that may improve the educational system.

A modern education prepares students to be productive and responsible adults in a world in which co-operation between the brain and a computer is a common approach to solving problems and accomplishing tasks.

Educational games are usually games designed with educational purposes or which have incidental or secondary educational value. All types of games can be used as educational games, as far as they are designed to teach people about a certain subject, expand concept, reinforce development, and understand an historical event or different culture.

The game “Intercultural house” was created as an educational game for schools in European and Arabic countries to teach through games to students about other cultures and create dialog between different cultures. In the game 17 different aspects of culture had been described.

The game was created with an idea to use it as a help tool for teachers in many subjects like history, languages, literature, art history, geography, sciences etc.


The history of video games is not a very long one, but even in the relatively short period since they appeared, games have managed to take over the world, and nowadays – gaming is present on every corner of the globe. Even in very remote areas, where electricity has just recently made its appearance, consoles with video games are being brought by researchers, and the “games can start”. Urban areas are under a strong spell from video games, and millions of people are playing a game even as you read this article. It is hard to describe the popularity and the scope of modern gaming, but the fact that the industry is worth well over $100 is a clear indication of the size of the gaming army.

   However, some people claim that playing video games is not good for us and that long hours of staring at the screen and not going outside are bad for our health. They also claim that games are encouraging and developing aggressive and even violent behavior, and that children who are playing a lot of video games are losing contacts with friends and that they are becoming anti-social. Numerous other “problems” are being presented, but the facts and scientific research are saying something completely different.

As a matter of fact, reliable scientific institutions and health centers have performed detailed analysis and studies of the effects of gaming, and these results are showing something that may be surprising to some. For example, studies are showing that video games are improving our vision and hand-eye coordination since games require us to be alert and on the move at all times. Fast moving images and constant changes are training our body to react in a more rapid way, and this helps our mobility and speed of reactions. Also, players are required to make quick decisions, which can help with the decision-making process and make people surer of themselves.

Other benefits of gaming include the fact that games boost memory, and that gaming can improve our attention span and our perception. Also, social aspects of gaming are not to be ignored, because modern games are usually played in multiplayer mode or in cooperation with friends or family, which helps with the bonding and creates more meaningful relationships. Since we interact with our loved ones, our stress levels will be going down, and it is proven that video games are reducing pain after surgery or some health problem. The reason for this may be in the fact that we simply forget about the outside world while we battle our way through hundreds of enemies or while we are solving a complicated puzzle.

Our young ones also experience the benefits of gaming, and they are often fascinated with history once they learn about certain concepts while playing video games. This fascination can help them in school, and video games are known to enhance learning and to help kids understand things in a better way. Also, they may become interested in playing sports outdoors, once they beat their friends in a game of virtual basketball or baseball.

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